This course delves into the world of Queer Shakespeare featuring courses in the Basic of Interpreting Shakespeare for Performance, Queerness in Shakespeare’s Plots, Queer Characters in Shakespeare, How Text Signals Queerness in Shakespeare, and Queer Performances of Shakespeare.


Rachel Weekley is a Clown, Performer, and Movement Coordinator based in NYC. They graduated from Ohio University with a BFA in performance and trained with The American Mime Theater. Most recently they performed their original show “Too Many Exits” with No Dominion Theater Co. No Exit Theatre’s Reading of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” As Bottom/Egeus. And several Acts with SCOWL for “Self Isolation Devastation”

For more info go to www.rachelweekley.com or visit their Instagram @rachel.weekley.

Course Details

You will get access to a five-episode video series totaling around sixty (60) minutes of content.

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